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Seasonal Women's Services

The seasons guide our journey as women

Spring is our early years childhood into the start of menstruation, Summer is our 20's and 30's, the high energy years of finding your self and your calling, perhaps motherhood, Autumn is late 30's to early 50's the perimenopause years and Winter is the 50's the Menopause Years (There is a glorious Second Spring to emerge into after this if you are up for it)

All of the seasons have some simple stuff.. ( we all know it too)

Menstrual Cycle Awareness is crucial whether or not you have a cycle (it can be a super power if you really embrace it)

Exercise regular and sustainable

Eating healthy (less sugar and coffee, more water and veg)

Keeping stress manageable (identifying what stresses you and how you manage stress and get help if you need it)

Sleep, Rest & Relaxation

Purpose - reviewing and making life changes where needed or possible

At Birch Tree Yoga we provide a wide range of supports for women in all the seasonal stages, from Reflexology to various forms of yoga and meditation to workshops and women's only day retreat spaces

Gender and women's Issues have been the passion of my life.. in my younger years I worked with women's groups in an advocacy and training role as well as lobbying and campaigning for changes to women's rights and experiences in Ireland and around the world

I have worked extensively in domestic violence and sexual based violence, the intersection between racism and sexism, developmental work for women and building capacity and leadership within the community development sector..


In the last 20 years my focus has shifted into a more holistic approach but I take the learning and experiences from my community work years 

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